FoodCheck Lite is Kelsius latest HACCP innovation, designed for Companies with multiple outlets and franchises, particularly in the Restaurant and Fast Food sector. This solution is perfect for companies who want to streamline HACCP Management across their organisation.

With build-in reminders designed to suit your unique requirements, FoodCheck Lite ensures that Food Safety will always be a priority. The system removes pressure on staff, allowing them to concentrate on the quality of food you provide.

How FoodCheck Lite Can Help You:

  • Entire food safety and HACCP process automated
  • Eliminates manual monitoring & paperwork
  • Greatly reduces time spent on audit preparation
  • Significant saving in both time spent and labour costs
  • It is completely tamper-proof preventing HACCP record falsification
  • Removes the risk of stock loss with alert system
  • Built-in reminders to suit your schedule

How FoodCheck Lite Can Do This:

  • Periodic Reminders on Tablet for staff to complete checks
  • Step by Step Check Process ensuring staff will not miss any check
  • Storing all information using cloud base technology
  • Extensive HACCP Reporting
  • Eliminating manual Fridge and Freezer temperature monitoring Checks

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